Ship Tropes | H.G. & Myka - Warehouse 13


i’m very late to the game but whatever

How do you do it? Reconcile your two disparate worlds. Bottling up the unknown in warehouse 12 so it doesn’t destroy us - was with your next breath inventing the latest perils. And all with such a joie de vivre despite…your misfortune.

Women of the Warehouse




Hi, please don’t mind me, I need another leaflet to read about myself, you see I’m H.G Wells and I’ve been bronzed for many years, I would just like as many leaflets to read to see what people are saying about me.


If Myka Was Gay (aka exactly what it sounds like)

100% (and seriously I mean 100%) inspired by this post (and the surrounding discussion), I figured I’d cobble something together just so that one of these would exist.

Claudia’s OTP

Eddie McCintock

Ah, the good old days. - Statue of Liberty: