do u ever rewatch wh13 and cry


do u ever rewatch wh13 and cry


The captain has spoken!


I figured - since I see some sneaky people reblogging from us already - that it’s about time that I announce that myself and the wonderful pbandfluff have launched a blog, based on her masterpost, as a reference guide to the costuming of warehouse 13. We thought it would be a shame to see the excellent references provided by VIPAuctions disappear into the ether while there was a chance to create a repository for them. Hopefully this blog is helpful for those who those who write fanfic, draw fanart, sew cosplays, or simply those who like to have a poke through characters’ wardrobes.

All posts are searchable by character name, episode and season through our tagging system, and comprehensive descriptions of the items are provided to the best of our ability. It is a work in progress - there are currently over 100 individual posts - but there will be 10 new (shuffled - no 10 Arties in a row!) queued posts each day, a mix of seasons and characters. Incomplete costumes will be updated as and when we find the matching pieces. Contents of future auctions will be added to queue as they are posted (I’m queueing up S05E02 as we speak).



*sound of flushing character continuity and intelligent subversive narrative down the toilet*

Cha is a horrible person 


finale countdown gifset per episode

↳ 4.18 Lost & Found (+1.01 Pilot)

Am I really the only one that reads the Regents’ addendums to the manual?

"Will none of you read The Warehouse, A History???"

Myka Bering, basically in 5x01 (via starkidnutty)


Paracelsus Totally Stole Claudia’s Idea


because they should have done better than ‘time travel hurts my head’


"You missed a huge adventure," Myka says as soon as her call is picked up.

"Did the world almost end again?" Helena asks through a muffled yawn.

It’s 9 AM. Helena doesn’t sleep in, which means wherever she is, she’s not in Wisconsin.

"No…just changed," Myka replies. "But we changed it back."

"Without me?" Helena says, but her indignance is lost in her drowsiness.

"It was a last minute thing. Besides, I thought you didn’t do this sort of thing anymore."

Helena chuckles softly. “Right. Too much temptation.”

"That’s not what I meant," Myka says quickly.

"I know what you mean."

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