Liveblogging Warehouse 13 4x07

Insane ramblings, quotes, and screenshots. And of course, emotions all around. It’s Warehouse 13 liveblogging time. (Now with added H.G. Wells!)

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Liveblogging Warehouse 13 4x06

Well, it’s been entirely too long since I got one of these out, but here! Liveblogging Fractures, complete with a fuck ton of pictures. 

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Had hoped to get the liveblog up before class, but that’s not gonna happen. 

Liveblogging Warehouse 13 4x03

This week on Warehouse 13, everything is family fun times, artifact hijinks and inaccurate science. Let’s do this. 

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Liveblogging Warehouse 13 4x02

I feel like an alternate title for this episode should be “Just try to mention the words, Drake, Josh, or Mindy Crenshaw to Allison Scagliotti now. Just try it.” Anyway, here we go. Featuring a gratuitous amount of pretty faces, mentioning Philadelphia, and just general lunacy. 

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Liveblogging Warehouse 13 4x01

Alright. Let’s do this shit. 

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"Many of my lovers were men."

Yes, my reaction exactly. 

Liveblogging Warehouse 13 3x13 (rewatch)

And finally, The Greatest Gift, complete with pictures (largely of Joanne’s face) and plenty of spazzing over Pete and Myka and their perfect relationship.

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Liveblogging Warehouse 13 2x13 (rewatch)

Well, in 6 days it’s basically going to be Christmas for me, so this seemed appropriate.

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Liveblogging Doctor Who 1x01 (rewatch)

Part liveblogging, part mildly rambling commentary, all the product of a sudden surge of Doctor Who feelings and boredom. Probably won’t interest you if you’re not a fan of Rose. 

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